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TSR Introduces to You ‘The Breakup Shop’: The New Era of Ending It With Your Partner!

Now it’s bad enough that people have already experienced the ultimate slap-in-the-face known as a breakup via text by your significant other,  but a new service might take the cake for the all time low!! ‘The Breakup Shop’ is the newly found way to call it quits with your partner, but there’s a catch of course—you gotta give up them coins!

Two Canadians started an online breakup service just for you! So calling all men and women out there, if you are too scared to end your relationship with “bae” then it’ll cost you the cheapest $10 via text to quickly change your relationship status to single, but if you want to a fantasy breakup via customize letter..it will run you 30 bucks!

If you’re in hurry to end it, they have what’s called a “Rush-option” which can have bae dumped within 24 hours with just a simple phone call. That emergency phone call will cost $39, but if you are the kind to take your time with these sort of things, a phone call will only cost you $29!

According to the New York Post, a Vice writer fake ended his relationship with his girlfriend (bae was aware of the prank) just to see if this site is actually legit! He paid $30 for ‘The Breakup Shop’ to explain why it was over between the two and they exaggerated more to the story than what was to be told to the girlfriend, by saying “she was pressuring him to get married.”

The cowardly way to end a relationship also includes a “Gifts for Exes” deal called “Breakup Gift Pack” which will run you about $80, but includes a hand-written sympathy letter, a Netflix and “chill” $30 gift card, a Blu-ray dvd of your choice for “The Notebook” or “Call of Duty: Ghost” video game and a box of Chips Ahoy cookies, ya know in case you need something to snack on while you grieve!

Unfortunately, the service does come off a bit sexist as it looks like its geared more towards breaking up with women but we’re sure they’ll fix those bugs later. Lets chat below, is this the new hotline sting?




TSR Intern: Charise W.

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