TSR Playlist: 2 Chainz Trapavelli 3 - The Shade Room

TSR Playlist: 2 Chainz Trapavelli 3

The third entry to the Trapavelli series from Atlanta artist 2 Chainz has taken trap music back to its original roots with gritty beats, story telling and club bangers that will soon become fan favorites. Nothing has changed about the core concept of trap music that makes up the Trapavelli series; not even the DJ. The mixtape begins with a DJ Bigga Rankin introduction to let us know that the tradition continues. Since the release of the projects first single “Watch Out” it was clear that the “Birthday Song” rapper was in a rare form that is all too familiar to Tity Boy fans. 

From beginning to end 2 Chainz remains consistent with his popular rhythmic sound, mixed with catchy rhymes and hooks that undoubtedly took him from Atlanta’s underground music scene, to the mainstream setting he is now a part of. Beginning the tape with upbeat tracks like “A Milli Billi Trilli” (featuring Wiz Khalifa) and “BFF” sets the mood as 2 Chainz raps about money, drug use, and designer fashion. What truly sets Trapavelli 3 apart from the two previous entries of the Trapavelli mix tape series, is story telling. From tales of how growing up in poverty can effect the decisions you make in “I feel like” (featuring Kevin Gates) to “Halo” where he expresses his awareness of his selfish ways, being unfaithful & the love he has for his family from the point of view of his unborn child. 

Although Trapavelli 3 takes you through the motions, it stays true to its title, delivering base-filled club bangers that reference selling and manufacturing drugs in tracks like “Starter Kit” (featuring Young Dolph) and “Lap Dance In The Trap House.” The HairWeaveKilla also switches it up on the nostalgic track “GOAT” (featuring The Dream) and shows us how versatile he has become on the R&B-styled track “Blue Dolphins.” 2 Chainz also remained somewhat consistent with his use of production, calling on familiar producers like Zaytoven, Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E. and TM88. Giving Trapavelli 3 a true trap sound. 

Overall Trapavelli 3 is a solid body of work with the potential of being one of the best mix tapes we’ve ever heard from 2 Chainz. The versatility displayed by Tity Boy compliments how he has matured as an artist, giving us a little more than his usual sound as he appeals to a larger audience. Although the production line-up was not stacked with every popular producer known to man, the quality of the music remains in tact. Tity Boy’s use of outstanding bars and punchlines over thumping beats, accompanied by features from popular artists in the music industry, is what makes Trapavelli 3 worthy of being mentioned as one of the best mix tapes to grace the summer thus far. 

Check out the Trapavelli 3 mixtape below! 


TSR Intern: B. Golden @Bgoldensc on Instagram! 


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