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TSR Positive Images: Model Born Without Legs Slays Despite Disability 

Being comfortable with your body can be difficult at times, especially when you have society’s vanilla beauty standards staring right back at you in the mirror, but not for Kanya Sesser. She at least makes it look effortless! She is a 23-year-old woman who was born with no legs but despite her disability, she’s making all the coins as a successful lingerie model!

 She currently lives in LA and according to The Huffington Post UK, she brings in about $1,000 per day! Can you say goals AF?! Her motto is “No legs, no limits” because, “nothing limits her and she does everything on her own,” a friend boasted about Kanya.

Sesser is certainly tearing down hella barriers in the modeling world for people with disabilities by refusing to photoshop a pair of limbs onto her pictures. “I love showing people what beauty can look like,” Sesser told The Daily Mail. “I don’t need legs to feel sexy.” Kanya became a model when she was 15 and started posing for Billabong, Nike and Rip Curl. Today she’s a lingerie model who also races, skateboards, surfs and even has hopes of competing in the mono-ski competition at the 2018 Winter Olympics! 

Since Kanya says that she feels empowered by the camera, she told the Daily Mail, “I like expressing myself in a different way than people usually see,” she explained. “This is just who I am…I’m different, and that is sexy.”
Who’s to tell a woman like Kanya that she can’t do something? She’s a badass model and she’s training to be an Olympian! I think her story will inspire many people to love themselves and to continue to tear down beauty standards. 

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