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TSR Pregnant And Getting It: Man Gets Twin Sisters Pregnant

#Roommates, now we’ve definitely heard of some interesting stories but this one definitely takes the cake. We spoke with all the parties involved and it seems it’s alllllll good between them #Roommates! But before we get to the tea, let’s take it back to the very beginning.

So, Keonyae met the twin sisters Nia and Nydia at a gym when he was a personal trainer. Apparently, he started dating one and slowly started talking to the other. Before they knew it, twin sister Nia was pregnant, followed by her sister Nydia who became pregnant just one month later.


We exclusively spoke to Keonyae and he says things are just fine. They are all okay with the situation and he says they’ve been happily in a “throuple” for a while now. As far as the sex of the babies, Nia is expecting her baby girl on May 6th, while her twin sister Nydia is expecting a boy on June 6th.

Keyonae and the ladies are excited to take their next step in their relationship and hope to be great coparents. We definitely wish them a safe delivery and will be following up with them to see what happens next!


Clearly they need their own show!




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