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TSR Proposal : “What Is For You Will Always Be For You!” 

We love, love! Check out this special love story: 
Groom: @dom_3113
Bride: @Parislesley
“What is for you will always be for you”! 
Our love is a living testament of that statement. I will keep it brief as my wedding page will have the full story. But just a brief synopsis.. We started talking in 2005/2006 and I would stunt on him like any young immature girl would. Year after year he would say I am going to be his wife. He went as far as coming to my door step once. But still young and immature Paris would just giggle and ignore him when I felt like it. Fastfwd a couple of years, where would we be “on then off” he ended up proposing to another young lady and I just considered him “dead” in my life. But what is meant for you will always be for you. Un fortunately for them they were the wrong pieces to their own love puzzle, So they separated (during this time I paid Tmobile to block him)..lmaoo yup I’m an extremist . I on the other hand had just lost my dad and was closer than ever to God. Sept 2013 at 10pm. The Lord directed me to write a full list of what I wanted Physically, spiritually, and emotionally in a man(I still have that list). I did so and posted it on my wall and began to pray every night concerning it. I had no real prospects and didn’t know where God would send me my King Charming. From Sep to Dec I constantly prayed, not from a place of desperation, but from a place of “I know there is great blessing for me in my marriage”. December came around and nothing. I kept vigilant. Fastfwd Feb 14th 2014, Dominic contacted me on facebook (as I had blocked him on my phone..lol) I gave him a pretty hard time. But as a Man of God his prayers to God were working and the Lord melted my heart of stone for him. Fast fwd to Feb 14th 2015. He Proposed!!! We been through the struggle and back, But Pastor Dominic and I have so much ministry in our love. That is why several of my bridesmaids tagged me to share it with you all! Patience, Kindness, Obedience, Loyalty, Learning how to humble myself (just because a man is head over heels for you does not mean we should stunt on them, a chase maybe but not a full out marathon for 10yrs lol). Learning how not to rush love, actually letting the will of God be done. There is SOOOOOOOO much more to this, My side and his side, the sacrifices we both had to make, and mistakes learned. Look at God I got and love story and and MCE for life! Stay tuned for #Theoseilovestory is loading……. We have so much “Young love” material coming out sonn!

The Proposal

“Marriage is a union that never ends. Of course until death do us Part. He could have taken me to the most expensive restaurant and lavished me with gifts as he always does, But he knows my heart. I am a family girl and needed my loved ones around me. So what does he do Feb 14th 2015? He took me to get his car washed, sit in the autoshop oh and go home to fix his furniture. All day I was full of emotions and ready to go home. On our way home he decided to stop THREE times for gum and other things just to make me more mad… Lol. We got to my house I went upstairs, opened the door and saw my mom looking cute with a cake and some goodies on the table. I proceeded to walk in, with the most confused face ever and I saw a huge pic of my dad who recently passed away, then jumped when all my close friends suddenly screamed Surprise!!! Boy was I emotional. My mom, siblings, and close friends were all there not to mention He found a way to incorporate my dad. When the Lord decides to release your mate to you, it’s like a puzzle that’s found it’s last piece.” #Theoseilovestory is loading in a few days. 9/26/15????
Ladies let God have your heart and He will give it to the right one. Fellas marrying the right person doubles your potential, don’t let society scare you! Peace!


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