Listen here, I love my sleep Roommates but Steve Harvey says if y’all out there sleeping more than 8 hours a day you’re not getting to the bag like you say you are! At least that’s how millions of people on Twitter interpreted his comments after an old video resurfaced of him saying “Rich people don’t sleep 8 hours a day.”


Needless to say, people started calling Steve out on his comments! See some reactions below:




As funny as some of these reactions are, there’s a real debate going on. How you use your 24 hours in a day completely varies. If you’re sleeping more does that mean you’re working less OR are you getting much need rest after working so hard all day?


Regardless, of where you stand in this debate, black twitter was NOT having it AT ALL when it came to Steve’s “advice.”


Even our good sis Chrissy Teigen had to clap back after she responded to Steve’s comments:

Whew! Y’all know Chrissy finds the time, even while she gets her 12 hours of sleep! But anyway, where do you guys stand with this argument? Let us know!