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TSR Reviews Fashion Tips From Fashion Nova!

Hey Roommates! Have you heard of our friends over at Fashion Nova? If not, then you ‘gone learn today! They are an online fashion retailer and boutique chain based in LA that truly caters to the trendsetter in all of us, without taking all of our coin!

In addition to being a retailer, they have a blog where fashionistas can keep up to date with trends, as well as fashion highlights of the week and even special how-to’s.
Fashion Nova knows booty!  You probably don’t even realize it, but a few of your favorite celebs have donned pieces from the budding boutique. One of my favorite posts is their 5-tip guide on how to make your booty appear flawless in their clothing, so I’ve brought Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose and a few other ladies in here to show you how you can make these pieces work on your budget!
Tip #1:

Choose fitted jeans over baggier styles, because denim jeans with added spandex shows off your natural curves, thus making your butt look bigger! Just take it from Nicki! She was spotted wearing her top-notch high waist jeans in blue at her Pink Print Tour after party last month. You can head over to Fashion Nova’s site to cop a pair. A steal for just $29.99!

Tip #2:

Rock a pair of high-waist jeans with good pocket placement as you can see Amber rose wearing here. That high waist will allow your natural waist to look smaller and the pockets (that should be centered in the roundest part of your tush) will only make it look more plump! These dark blue classic high waist jeans are only $29.99 as well!

Tip #3:

A properly cinched waist brings focus to the smallest part of you, making you appear as “the perfect hourglass figure”, as they put it over at Fashion Nova. Dascha Polanco from “Orange Is The New Black” rocked the Soulmate Bodysuit in Ivory and paired it with a pair of pink pants! Doesn’t she look beautiful? This suit only costs $20!

Tip #4:

Okay, this one is my favorite! The higher your heels are, the longer and leaner your legs will look! You’ll even get a pump since heels change your posture. Chest out, waist in and booty tooched, like Lala Anthony! We see that cake, girl! You can grab the same ‘See Right Through It’ crop top and matching skirt for just $19.99 and $22.99!

Tip #5:

Get a butt lifter! Nicki looks amazing in this $30 Autumn Dress from Fashion Nova. I know that I don’t look as amazing as she does in that dress, so I have no problem faking it!

It’s 2015 and so many people are willing to spend their money to look good. Luckily, Fashion Nova has amazing prices so that you don’t have to go broke while trying to keep up with your fashion kinks. I mean, we shouldn’t have to be forced to break the bank on quality clothing, so thanks Fashion Nova for providing women with a new place to shop!

TSR Intern: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter!

Source Cited: http://www.fashionnova.com/, http://blog.fashionnova.com/2015/07/27/baby-got-back-5-tips-and-tricks-to-fake-the-perfect-booty/


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