Roommates, issa secured bag if I’ve ever seen one! Back in November, Ice Cube and LL Cool J announced their plans to purchase major sports TV stations, and according to sources close to TMZ, the rappers have just gotten billions of dollars closer to that goal.
As of now, Cube and LL are pushing to enter bids for a block of 22 sports channels currently owned by Disney, including the YES Network.
Ice Cube’s team told TMZ they met with private equity partners earlier this week to determine how much they would bid on each channel, and plan new content geared toward a younger audience.
“It’s time for the world to get sports and culture presented to them in a fresh new way,” Cube said.
The roster of channels includes Fox Sports Networks in various cities and with names like these on the table, Cube and LL could be making major money moves. The combination of the 22 channels is expected to be worth $15-$25 billion.
The arena of television ownership maybe new for the duo, but entertainment and sports are certainly not new ventures.
Coming up on its third season, Ice Cube’s BIG3 has swept the nation as an innovative take on the basketball league. The three-on-three league features retired NBA stars and gives fans their due dose of basketball ball during the NBA offseason.
And y’all know ladies love LL Cool J on the big screen! LL made the transition from rapper to entertainer years ago, and his bag hasn’t stopped since. He’s become part of the cast of CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles, and rocks the mic as a host of Lip Sync Battle on Spike!
Source: TMZ