You guys know we absolutely love to shine the light on talented people and bring attention to their amazing work. Cierra Lynn is no different as she uses her beautiful artistic talents to help uplift the youth every chance she gets. A single mother from Washington D.C., she prides herself on uplifting young people through positive messages.

She has become well-known for using her talent to help push inspirational affirmations towards young students. She does all of this by painting beautiful images on bathroom stalls, in what she calls “Affirm It With Art.” She said, “I hand-painted affirmations and imagery that promote mental health awareness, self-love, representation, bully and suicide prevention.”

When asked what inspired her to spread her messages using this method, she said, “The bathroom has become a place of solace. It is typically the first-place kids run to when they have an issue at school or the place kids go to bully other kids, fight and attempt suicide. I was inspired to bring awareness to those issues through art, and also encourage and empower the youth the make a positive choice.”

Aside from using bathroom stalls to illustrate her messages, she also designs clothing that consists of her beautiful artwork, while still sending these messages.


Check out the beautiful images she has created to help inspire the youth below:


TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94