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TSR TECH NEWS: You Can Withdraw Cash By Scanning Your Eyes Now!

Looks like CitiBank is about to make it harder for you ATM scammers out there because they have really bumped up their technology to some serious “Mission Impossible” type ish!

Anyways, Diebold, a biometric technology company, has teamed up with CitiBank to introduce their new eye-scanning ATMs! The machine is called Irving and is actually nicknamed “the headless ATM”, paying subtle homage to Washington Irving, the author of Sleepy Hollow. 

Irving is designed to save you time (and a possible headache from scammers) by nixing the screen and card readers. It gets you your money, no questions asked! However,  CitiBank isn’t in a rush to start rolling out the machines just yet, because some of those that are testing the software are skeptical of its safety. 

David Kuchenski, overseer of Diebold’s business development of innovation told ABC News, “There was some concern with registering the iris. It comes down to how you portray to the consumer. If it’s very sci-fi, it’s less appealing. Some people were uncomfortable with scanning their iris, but okay with registering their fingerprints.”

How it works is upon agreeing to their iris being scanned, the consumer will sign into their account from the mobile app and select how much cash they would like. Next, Irving scans the iris and finally you get your money. The transaction takes about 10 seconds!

Other consumers testing the new technology love it and describe it as “convenient, fast and secure”. Roommates, would y’all try this out or is that a little too much? Tell us what you think in the comments!



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