Roommates, Rihanna might be getting to the bag in many other areas right now, but sis has not forgotten about the music! RiRi’s feature in #TMagazine just dropped and sis spilled the TEA tea about her new album!
As a girl from the islands, Rihanna often taps into her Caribbean culture to create some vibes on her tracks, and she’s now confirmed that her latest project will be no different. She is making a reggae album, but it won’t include one of her roll dogs, Drake.
Drake and Rihanna have come together to create some crazy summer time hits including “What’s My Name?”, “Take Care” and “Work”, but when asked about working with him again, sis shot the idea down.
“Not anytime soon, I don’t see it happening,” she said. “Not on this album, that’s for sure.”
She also danced around a possible name for her project, saying the Rihanna Navy has already pressured her into a title.
“So far it’s just been R9, thanks to the Navy,” she said. “I’m about to call it that probably because they have haunted me with this. How will I accept another name after that’s been burned into my skull?”
RiRi has not yet confirmed a release date for her album, but it’s definitely coming, Roomies!