Roommates, it is now being reported that workers at Northwestern Memorial Hospital may have been fired for accessing the Jussie Smollett’s medical records, who was treated at the emergency room after claiming two men had viciously attacked him.
Sources tell CBS Chicago the workers have been terminated after gaining access to Jussie’s medical chart, which is against hospital policy and protocol.
One of the nurses said it was a misunderstanding, and claims she never accessed Jussie’s chart, but was scrolling past it to find the chart of her patient. She says she was fired last week and believes many other workers were fired for the same reason.
In an interview, the nurse said she was fired on the spot at the end of her shift Tuesday, and escorted out of the hospital. She said she was never given the opportunity to explain herself, nor was she asked any questions.
That nurse has asked to remain anonymous at this time, as she is going through an appeals process to get her job back.
CBS reached out to representatives form Northwestern Memorial Hospital multiple times. A spokesperson said company policy does not allow any staff to comment on the employment status of any employees, and HIPPA prevents any staff from releasing patient medical records.
Since the attack and Jussie’s treatment at the hospital, he has been charged with filing a false police report because authorities believe he staged the attack himself.