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TSR Updatez: Lonzo Ball Reportedly Suing Big Baller Brand Co-Founder Alan Foster For At Least $2 Million!

#Roommates, it looks like #LonzoBall will not be making any returns to #BigBallerBrand anytime soon. As we previously reported, Lonzo has been taking steps to separate himself from #BBB including covering up his tattoo of the brand.
Now, Lonzo is taking his feelings to the courtroom. He has reportedly filed a lawsuit against BBB Co-Founder #AlanFoster after his money was looking funny. According to his financial statements, about $1.5 million was unaccounted for and he believes Foster is to blame.
According to documents obtained by @Tmz_tv, Lonzo is claiming Foster orchestrated a “fraudulent scheme” to take money from BBB and push it into his own assets.
In addition, Lonzo claims Foster arranged for substantial loans to be taken out in his name for his benefit. Instead, the loans were obtained by “non-traditional lenders” who reportedly charged Lonzo large financing charges that were paid to Foster without his knowledge.
“Foster fleeced the Ball family out of millions of dollars, by among other things, creating a variety of corporate entities, in which he gave himself ownership interests and managerial control,” the lawsuit states. “Foster used those entities to directly and indirectly funnel substantial amounts of Ball family money to himself.”
Lonzo is alleging that Foster purposely got close to his family, knowing that he would likely make millions in the NBA.
He also claims he and his family had no knowledge that Foster had previously spent several years in federal prison for his alleged role in a ponzi scheme. Foster was previously sentenced to over seven years in prison for mail fraud and money laundering that resulted in $4 million being taken from 70 investors.
Lonzo is suing for at least $2 million in damages.
LaVar Ball, however, is reportedly keeping hope alive! He recently visited a Las Vegas radio station to let fans know that BBB is still going strong.
“The brand is good. It’s just somebody did something bad to it,” LaVar said. “We had a snake up in the thing, but you gotta understand this, I’m a snake charmer. When you’re a snake charmer, you’re gonna get bit.”


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