Roommates, looks like Sephora is finally taking action! The makeup retailer announced that it will be closing its shops on June 5 to host inclusion workshops for all employees.
The brand took to Facebook saying: “Every Sephora store, distributions center, and corporate office in the US will host inclusion workshops for our employees. These values have always been at the heart of Sephora, and we’re excited to welcome everyone when we reopen.”
The announcement comes just after #SZA blasted a Sephora employee on Twitter for allegedly racially profiling her at a Sephora store. SZA said an employee named ‘Sandy’ called security to make sure she wasn’t stealing, and all she wanted to do was purchase her Fenty products in peace!
As we previously reported, Sephora reached out to SZA on Twitter letting her know that her complaint would be taken very seriously.
“We want to let you know we take complaints like this very seriously and are actively working with our teams to address the situation immediately,” Sephora wrote.
Shortly after, fans and Twitter users sent SZA messages of support and encouragement and Rihanna came through as well! Rih sent SZA a Fenty beauty gift card for her troubles!
Now, the brand is taking after another corporation that encountered backlash for racial-bias. Last year, Starbucks also closed more than 8,000 stores for one of a ‘racial-bias training’ after two black men were wrongfully arrested at a Philadelphia location.
These gestures seem like the right thing to do to keep these companies afloat. However, consumers are not too sure these trainings are enough to make up for the humiliation caused to people of color.
What do you guys think, Roomies? Is this a step in the right direction or a gimmick to save a business?