Roommates, the woman involved in the minor accident with Tracy Morgan and his brand new $2 million Bugatti on Tuesday claims she is not at fault, beloved!


In an interview with Page Six, 61-year-old Jocelyn Madulid says she and Tracy were both turning right on a busy NYC street, when she felt his car hit hers.


“We were both turning right,” she said. “But I know he hit me because I was already turning. I was there, he was the one who hit me!”


Unfortunately, video footage from the scene seems to say otherwise. In the video, you can see Madulid’s vehicle on the left side of Tracy’s, suggesting she was attempting to make a right turn from the left lane, and ended up hitting Tracy.

Madulid also expressed how frightened she was when the accident went down, as people gathered around taking photos of both vehicles and of Tracy.


“I asked the traffic officer, why people taking pictures and he said, ‘You don’t watch TV? That’s a famous guy,” she said. Then there was a double-decker bus an the tourist guide was saying: ‘Oh, that’s Tracy Morgan!'”


Tracy was captured on video banging on Madulid’s widow, demanding she get out of the car.



As of now, it is unclear whether or not insurance companies have come to a conclusion about who is at fault. However, Madulid has expressed that she is fearful of her insurance going up.


Stay with us at this story continues to develop, Roomies!