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TSR We Global: Members Of The ARISE News Crew Allege They Were Beaten By Authorities & Cameras Were Confiscated During An #EndSARS Protest (Videos)

As previously reported, young Nigerians are protesting police brutality and social profiling. After almost a week of having their voices heard, it seems events are a bit intense. Members of the ARISE News Channel–a global news channel–allege they were beaten and cameras were confiscated, while attending a protest in Abuja.

In a video uploaded to the ARISE News official IG account, members of the crew explain that they’ve had two cameras confiscated. They also express that some have even been wounded.

“Some of our personnel, some of our staff have been beaten. Some of them have been wounded,” a man who is seemingly a reporter for ARISE News stated.

He continued, “In the last 48 hours two ARISE News cameras have been collected just because we want to give Nigerians a voice.”

In the accompanying video, you can see a soldier rush to someone who is seemingly a reporter. Once the soldier approaches the person, he starts to run and the frame freezes.

We exclusively spoke to ARISE News and the company stated, “Our cameramen and reporter were attacked by soldiers at the #EndSARS protest in Abuja. This is the second attack on our news crew in the past 48 hours, as we are the only media house in Nigeria covering the protests live,” an ARISE representative from the IG account stated.

Now in stable condition, “The cameraman was severely injured, sustaining head injuries after being hit with a gun. Our cameras and equipment were destroyed and seized as well,” ARISE stated.

As you recall, the youth of Nigeria are protesting the ‘Special Anti Robbery Squad’ (also known as SARS) and its profiling of the youth, people have taken to the streets to let their voices be heard, according to Quartz Africa.

Based on reports, this unit was initially founded in 1992. The intent was to protect civilians from armed robbers, but the exact opposite is allegedly happening. With alleged reports of illegal detentions, murders, and extortion, young adults in Nigeria are calling on the unit to disband.

Many also report that SARS profiles young Nigerians who have locs or dyed hair, piercings, and anything that seems to be of status.

According to BBC, Amnesty found that men between the ages of 17 and 30 were allegedly targeted. “Young men with dreadlocks, ripped jeans, tattoos, flashy cars or expensive gadgets are frequently targeted by SARS,” Amnesty said. Once they’re profiled, many are allegedly attacked, raped, and even killed.

According to BBC, the hashtag was initially used last Saturday following the alleged killing of a young man by the officers from the SARS unit.



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