Weaves/Extensions have been around for years and while it looks like hair techs have been making more innovative ways to lay some bomb ass bundles others just seem to never get it right!

To each their own when it comes to laying their tresses but we have been really seeing some crazy ish out there this past week! 

Below we have taken the worse hairstyles  we’ve seen this week:

Who doesn’t love a good serving of Ramen noodles especially with the colder weather coming, but we don’t think it was made for head decoration:

By the looks of it she looks like she’s pretty pissed about something but with a hairstyle like that we’d be pissed everyday too



We posted this because we just find it messed up that someone who probably has friends and family around would allow her to keep this weave in for over two years! That’s just nasty!


Guess she just wanted to seal her thoughts along with her wefts:

This is just hell no !