Not to sound like your annoying woke friend, but we celebrate Black History every day over here, beloved! But for the sake of tradition, let’s hop into our #BlackHistoryMonth bag real quick!


Since I could remember, #BlackHistoryMonth consisted of praise for the OGs in the game, like #DrMartinLutherKingJr, and #RosaParks. Much respect to them and their contributions to Black History! But let’s do this Shade Room style, Roommates!


Who’s going 5 for 5 with this #BlackHistoryTrivia?!


1. Who was the first black artist with a music video on MTV?
A. LaurynHill
B. Michael Jackson
C. Whitney Houston


2. Outkast’s song “______” was the first song in iTTunes history to reach 1 million downloads:
A.  “Roses”
B. “Ms. Jackson”
C. “Hey Ya!”


3. What was the first all-black reality show?
A. College Hill
B. Run’s House
C. Baldwin Hills


4. Hip-Hop was born August 11th, 1973 in:
A. The Bronx
B. Queens
C. Brooklyn


5. What do the colors on the RGB flag represent?




  1. B – Michael Jackson
  2. C – “Hey Ya!”
  3. A – College Hill
  4. A – The Bronx
  5. Red – blood shed by African ancestors, black – the people, green – the land.

TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny!