#Roommates, do you remember when we shared a photo of a dad named #DontePalmer trying to change his son in a men’s restroom with no changing table? Well, since going viral it seems #Pampers is stepping in and doing it for the fathers across the country!

According to @ABCNews Pampers is teaming up with Koala Kare through their campaign #LoveTheChange, and together they anticipate to have the changing tables in the men’s restrooms by 2021.

Pampers took to social media to reveal their upcoming plans with a video showing some famous faces like John Legend speaking on the issues dads face when trying to change their child in the bathroom.

Palmer and other fathers have actually started a movement called #SquatForChange to bring light of the no changing table issue in men’s restrooms.

We applaud Pampers and Koala Kare for their efforts for dads across the country.

Source: https://abc7.com/family/pampers-to-install-5000-changing-tables-in-mens-restrooms-/5343179/