#TSRExcluisve: Mechie Spills Tea On His Lil' Home Movie With Blac Chyna, And How She Used To Babysit Him Back In The Day

#TSRExcluisve: Mechie Spills Tea On His Lil’ Home Movie With Blac Chyna, And How She Used To Babysit Him Back In The Day

#Roommates, earlier we went live with Chyna’s ex, Mechie, and let’s just say he spilled all the teaaaa! If you missed the live, here are some of the juiciest moments!

So you know we had to start off by asking Mechie how him and #BlacChyna met and his answer may come as a surprise! Mechie said they both grew up in Washington D.C. and lived on the same block. What had my mouth on the floor was when Meechie, who’s 6 years younger than Chyna, said she used to babysit him…funny how the tables turn!

Now lets talk about this tape! Meechie said it was a mutual agreement to make the little home movie, but admitted that it wasn’t their best performance because it was meant for their eyes only. He also said that it was recorded on Chyna’s phone and didn’t care for a copy because he wasn’t “pressed” for it.

Now Roommates, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. So Mechie first came into the picture when Rob went on a posting spree putting Blac Cyna out as a cheater. According to Mechie, he didn’t break up a happy home! In fact, he said Chyna and Rob had been separated for a while before they even hooked up the first time! He also called Rob “a good dude” and said he really just thought he was in his feelings.

Though Mechie and Chyna dated for a while, when they did call it quits, Mechie said it was a mutual decision. He said the “hype and fame surrounding our relationship was overshadowing the things I had going on and was starting to change my mindset. So I had to get out of there.”

Before the interview was done, Mechie did take a break from answering questions to clap back at Milan for calling him a liar in the comments! Mechie went in too!! “N*ggas want me to be gay so bad and want to see my d*ck so bad,” he said. “Stay in ya place!” OOP!

After that heated exchange, Mechie wrapped things up with his next career steps. Looks like he has some new music on the way and even kicked a freestyle. You can watch the freestyle on our Live! Hope you enjoyed this tea #Roommates!


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