#TSRExclusive: Ferrari Steps Into The Shade Room to Clear His Name: "It Was Payback"

#TSRExclusive: Ferrari Steps Into The Shade Room to Clear His Name: “It Was Payback”


If you’re reading this, then you probably had one of many front row seats to the Rob Kardashian vs. Everybody party yesterday! The Kardashian patriarch went berserk on his former fiancé #BlacChyna after she uploaded a video of herself kissing a young man. Then we learned of a second man allegedly involved with Chyna who goes by the name of Ferrari. He got sucked into more drama than he bargained for once Rob decided to take things way too far.

Today, Ferrari stepped into The Shade Room just to offer some clarification on what exactly was going on behind the scenes. According to him, this drama originated from Rob allegedly sliding into his baby mama Bonita’s DMs. Ferrari told us that he wasn’t with that and decided to get at Blac Chyna in revenge. All four of these people put the P-E-to-the-T-T-Y in PETTY!

Anyway, the gag about all of this is that there’s a possibility that Chyna and Ferrari haven’t even slept together and could possibly have just staged it all! Besides, Chyna knows just what to do to push her man’s buttons, right?

Unfortunately, Ferrari would not spill that tea. Perhaps he’s shopping a show? I guess we’ll see by the time Fall rolls around, but their issues seem to be much deeper than this and it will come to light eventually!


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