#TSRExclusive: “Love Is Blind” Star Diamond Jack Talks About Her Ex Carlton Morton, If She Would Join The Show For Season 2 & What’s Next For Her

#TSRExclusive: “Love Is Blind” Star Diamond Jack Talks About Her Ex Carlton Morton, If She Would Join The Show For Season 2 & What’s Next For Her

Earlier this year, audiences were captivated by the runaway hit Netflix reality series, “Love Is Blind”—in which singles committed to relationships and marriage before actually seeing the object of their affection in person. One of the stars of the show was Diamond Jack and her former fiancé Carlton Morton. Although things got rather intense between the two when their relationship ended, Diamond fills us in on what she’s currently up to, where she stands with Carlton and if she’d go another round on “Love Is Blind.”

TSR: Carlton has been making the rounds online publicly apologizing to you and asking you to unblock him on social media–where do you guys stand currently?

Diamond Jack: “Carlton and I are still in the same space. I accept and forgave Carlton’s apology publicly at the reunion for his actions in Mexico. [However,] for his actions after the reunion, I have not [forgiven him.] At this point, I’ve seen his true colors too many times to know that we can be associates from a far. I’m ready to move past it. I wish the best of luck to Carlton [in his] career and finding love.”

TSR: With news that “Love Is Blind” is already gearing up for a second season, if you were asked to participate, would you come back for another shot at love?

Diamond Jack: “To be perfectly honest, I would not be able to join the 2nd season unless some rules are changed; I say this because the public seen my story. The experiment is based on getting to know the person on the inside rather than the outside appearance. Because I was on S1, people already know my appearance. Trying to date someone on S2, I feel like they would have an advantage because they know how I look and know some things about me already. If I was given the opportunity to participate for another dating show, I would consider it. I really want to do “Dancing with the Stars” or “Masked Singer.”

TSR: If you did return to “Love Is Blind,” what would you do differently this time around that you did or didn’t do with Carlton?

Diamond Jack: “I would not put my eggs all in one basket. At one point, I was locked in on Carlton instead of getting to know other guys. I would have pushed a little harder to get to know others.”

We also asked Diamond what advice she would give to all the “Love Is Blind” season two hopefuls out there who are hoping to find their happily ever after, even though she wasn’t so lucky. “My advice for season 2 is to be authentic! Don’t try to display an image because it’s TV, be who you truly are by being honest! If the other person is not feeling you then move on to someone who does,” she said.

She revealed to us that not only did she learn some important lessons about love from the show, she also has renewed requirements for love and marriage since she and Carlton ended abruptly:

“The biggest lesson I learned about love on the show is that it’s ok to be vulnerable. Typically, it takes a while for me to open up and trust a guy. I hold back to protect my heart! Although I did not get the happy ending I was hoping for in a relationship, I am happy to learn more about my patience, love, and inspire others. 

 After the show, I dated others. I know what I want in a husband, period! My requirements for marriage and love has not changed. However, I am more accepting to go on dates not based on their looks but more on their Personality. I have definitely stepped outside my normal tall, dark, and handsome requirement.”

 As for what’s next, Diamond wants fans to know she has a lot coming up for 2020:

“I will be launching my own line no later than Summer 2020! Also, I will be creating a cooking YouTube channel called Vegan Babe by Diamond Jack. [I also have] my jewelry and accessories line called The Lady Box!”


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