The days are winding down on #ToyaWright’s pregnancy and she revealed to us that she’s due next week! This is all very exciting so you know we had to get the tea on how pregnancy has treated her the second time around. “It’s been great,” she says. “I haven’t been sick at all. I am full of energy so that’s a blessing.”

Toya tells us that she’s working on a new project called the “2nd Time Around” which led her to journal every little thing about her pregnancy. During the past nine months with baby Reign, Toya said she’s really had a lot of fun and embraced the journey of motherhood. “I enjoyed learning and watching her pattern,” she tells TSR. “I did a lot of cool videos, I loved my maternity shoot, my gender reveal and my fabulous shower!”

Now, Roommates, we also wanted to know how Toya and her baby zaddy #RobertRushing plan to raise their new baby girl in this new age of social media—considering all of the drama she and her eldest daughter #ReginaeCarter experienced on #GrowingUpHipHop!

“Honestly I’ve learned over the years to keep as much of my personal life as private as I can,” Toya says. “That being said, while I don’t plan to hide her, I do plan to sheild her from the negative energy that can often come from social media.”

Last, but not least, we were dying to know if Toya and Robert wanted more children. Don’t hold your breath, Roommates, but never say never! She tells us, “I would love to have a baby boy, but I think I’m good with my two girls. Two is enough for me. I’ll just make sure she has lots of play dates.”

Congratulations once again Toya, Robert & Reginae! Prayers for a healthy baby and safe delivery!

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG