#TSRExclusiveDetails: Keyshia Cole Responds To Accusations That She Trashed Her LA Home

#TSRExclusiveDetails: Keyshia Cole Responds To Accusations That She Trashed Her LA Home

TSR Exclusive Details: Keyshia Cole is letting people know she is not the one to play with. The landlord of her recent Los Angeles area home is suing her for allegedly damaging the $2.5 million luxury rental and she says she has every intention of fighting the suit.

According to Blast, a man named Glenn Feldman filed the suit against Keyshia. He claims she breached the lease by causing extensive damage to the property, which made it unrentable and caused nearly $70,000 in repairs.

Keyshia exclusively tells us that the damage is related to the water filter from her aquarium breaking. The now broken aquarium was created for her by the Animal Planet show “Tanked,” and she claims that she got insurance for that exact purpose. Keyshia claims Feldman allowed her to have the aquarium in the home on the basis that insurance was the requirement.

She added that the people from “Tanked” are responsible for the maintenance of the tank and failed to upkeep the aquarium because the show was canceled.

She adds that Feldman is attempting to bully her out of her money, which she included text receipts for, rather than being patient and letting insurance cover the damage. There are claims that Feldman allegedly harassed her about the damage throughout her pregnancy, which caused her a great deal of stress.

“I really feel like my back is against the wall,” Keyshia said. “I feel like he was bullying me because I was a woman. He was saying unnecessary things to me while I was pregnant…He was rude and nasty. He stressed me out.”

Feldman claims that “the property was unrentable for about three months and believes he lost out on $30,000 in rent because of it. 

Keyshia says he’s truly upset because she didn’t have intentions of buying the home and moved out.

“I think that’s what he’s more upset about,” she said.

The suit says that Keyshia signed a lease on March 1, 2017 and lived there until May of this year.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates, Roommates.


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