Okay #Roommates, this weekend we shared a clip form #MarriedToMedicine where #DrGreg admits he got himself tangled up in a sticky situation after taking a woman he met back to a hotel room! Though he admits nothing happened, that SAME woman jumped in our DMs with her version of what happened!

So here’s the tea, after sis saw the clip on our page she reached out and wanted to say a few things! She admitted her and a friend met Dr. Greg and his friend at #WhiskeyMistress in Buckhead. She said she had no idea who he was, but he DID look familiar to her. Anyway, after hanging out they all decided to go back to the Hyatt for a night cap! Each couple got their own room but she said as soon as things were going to heat up Dr. Greg bounced! She said Dr. G “looked nervous and seemed sacred.” So he told her she could stay the night in the hotel by herself and he left!

When the bill came the next morning THAT’s when she saw his whole name and did her little research and realized he was on #MarriedToMedicine! Finding out he was married apparently set her off because all night Dr. Greg said he was single.

So sis tracks him down and asked for $15K or else she’s spilling tea! That’s when Dr. Greg spoke with Quad and let her know what happened. She also reached out to Quad and let her know her husband is out here wildin’!

Since the incident, she hasn’t talked to Dr. Greg and notes this happened 1.5 years ago. The good news is it looks like Dr. Greg was telling the truth Roommates!

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