Hoodies might actually be one of the most essential pieces of a wardrobe if you’re using them to their fullest potential. They’re perfect for almost anything from just lounging around the house, to dressing them up a little more with some accessories and thigh-high boots for the ladies. Let’s also not forget the important role they play during cuffing season if you play your cards right…

With that being said, it looks like Champion activewear may be making a comeback. Not that they ever really went anywhere, but it is safe to say the line may be a little bit more prominent now than it has been previously. *Sips tea and wonders if FUBU will ever make a comeback…

Champion, being one of the more affordable brands celebrities are wearing these days, is owned byHanesBrands [Hanes] and specializes in sportswear. The brand’s prices range anywhere between $20 to $80 or more–depending on where you buy your pieces from.

Check out how Kylie Jenner rocks her Champion fit below!

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What clothing brand would you like to make a comeback?

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