#TSRFashionTrendz: Deion Sanders Jr.'s Clothing Line Will Have You 'Well Off' Mentality, Spiritually & Physically - The Shade Room

#TSRFashionTrendz: Deion Sanders Jr.’s Clothing Line Will Have You ‘Well Off’ Mentality, Spiritually & Physically

Being a business owner has its perks like making your own rules and telling people what to do. It can be especially fun when you’re a young cat like our Roommate, Deion  Jr., who started his clothing line during his junior year of high school! Well Off Forever began as a small company where Deion says he started making number stickers for cars which eventually crossed over to clothing. All he wants to do is spread positivity and encourage people to be “Well Off” spiritually, mentally and physically.

Did we mention that Deion Jr. is actually Deion Sanders’ son? His father is who has been helping him make his dreams come true, along with the help from his sister, cousins and girlfriend. You see, Deion is currently an athlete registered with the NCAA, but told us that it’s really difficult for athletes to promote their businesses.

As if it wasn’t already difficult to promote Well Off Forever, Deion Jr. also told us that people have called his line “snobby rich kid clothing” which he says, “It’s not like that at all,” he said. “We’re telling people and showing them how to be well off forever spiritually, mentally and physically!”

So far, his father, Deion Sanders Sr., and rapper Lil Twist are among the select few that have rocked pieces from Well Off Forever. In fact, his father inspired one of his favorite pieces. “My dad is everything to me and at that moment, he had just got drafted and achieved one of his main goals.” Deion Jr. wishes to eventually have celebs such as The Kardashian-Jenners, 50 Cent, Gigi Hadid and Drake wear some of his creations. A man can only dream, right?



TSR Staff: Talia O. @theclosetratchet


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