#TSRFoodies: Cheetos Created A Cheetos-Themed Mansion & It Actually Looks Lit!

#TSRFoodies: Cheetos Created A Cheetos-Themed Mansion & It Actually Looks Lit!

TSR STAFF: Megan E! @meganryan_e
#Roomates have you ever wondered how it would be to walk into a fantasy mansion, but not just any old mansion, instead a Cheetos-themed mansion!

For those who may not know In 1948, #CharlesElmerDoolin invented Cheetos. It eventually would become one of the top brands internationally in the world, and even expanding from plain Cheetos to Flamin’ Hot, Cheddar Jalapeño, Hot Cheetos, and Cheese Puffs flavored chips. Fast forward to now, there are several Cheetos products, including Cheetos perfume, an app where you can transform videos and pictures into Cheetos, a Cheetos Museum, and of course the Cheetos-Chateau.

According to @fastcompany there actually is a Cheetos-themed mansion. See back in 1986 there were a lot of questions about the #Cheetos character, but apparently now these questions are finally getting answered. Although it is unclear as to why they were inspired to create this Chateau, I guess you can say Cheetos does have the money to do whatever they want. The company’s revenue is roughly $1.6B according to qz.com.

Last month, when the Cheetos brand opened the #CheetosChateau in São Paulo, Brazil. All of the artwork in the mansion was done by the Brazilian artist #RafaelSilveria and #FláviaItibere. According to @fastcompany it is “A mansion fit for a decade-old advertising star, purported to be decorated by the famous feline himself.”

From January 27th to February 10th, there was a grand opening and the guests were actually served Cheetos-themed snacks, such as burgers, noodles, and pudding.

This Chateau is “the latest elaborate activation from Cheetos” according to @fastcompany. It is in fact an extension from the the New York City restaurant, The Spotted Cheetah. This was designed by celebrity chef #AnneBurrell. It included features, such as Mac ’n’ Cheese, Cheetos Meatballs, and Flamin’ Hot Lemon Chicken Tacos just to name a few. There was also an an app, Cheeto Vision, that could turn videos and photos into Cheetos in the app. This also helped with some of these amazing inspired looks in the Cheetos-Chateau.

Source: Fast Company


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