Welp, just when you thought the battle for chicken sandwich supremacy between fast food chains had died down…KFC enters the chat! The popular chicken restaurant has debuted a new sandwich that’s something you’ve likely never tasted before.

Since Popeyes is currently still out of the hugely popular chicken sandwich that literally sent the country into a complete frenzy, it’s given room for other competitors to shoot their shot in the hopes of getting their sandwich the same amount of love and recognition. As reported by @CNN, the latest company to try is none other than KFC with its new Doughnut Chicken Sandwich.

KFC made the announcement that it will be testing out the new Doughnut Chicken Sandwich at select locations beginning this week. They are currently only available in Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but will expand as demand grows.

If you live in the available areas, you have a few ways to try the sandwich out for yourself. The Doughnut Chicken Sandwich is $5.99 and the Chicken and Doughnut Basket, which includes chicken tenders or bone-in chicken plus a doughnut, is $5.49. Currently, KFC claims that the sandwich is only available for a limited time, but that tactic is generally used to amp up demand.

This is not the first (and certainly won’t be the last) time that KFC has introduced an unconventional new item on the menu. The company recently created the head-scratching Cheetos chicken sandwich this summer.


Roommates, are you here for this?