#TSRFoodies: McDonalds Introduces Limited Time 'Big Mac Collection' Featuring a Double Big Mac With Four Burger Patties

#TSRFoodies: McDonalds Introduces Limited Time ‘Big Mac Collection’ Featuring a Double Big Mac With Four Burger Patties

TSR Foodies: McDonald’s is rolling out a new collection of Big Macs, giving lovers of the sandwich even more options to enjoy it.

According to CNN, McDonald’s is planning to release a limited time menu of Big Macs, including a Little Mac and a Double Big Mac. Both are smaller and larger versions of the fast-food chain’s iconic Big Mac hamburger.

The Little Mac is very similar to a McDonald’s cheeseburger, with a single burger patty and the addition of the Mickey D’s special sauce. The Double Big Mac, however, is an exaggerated version of the restaurant’s classic.

It has four burger patties between three buns, and comes to a whopping 720 calories and 43 grams of fat. Comparatively, the original Big Mac has 540 calories and 30 grams of fat.

This is not the first time McDonald’s has sold different versions of its OG Big Mac, though. Back in 2017 and 2018, the restaurant chain sold the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr, which had slightly different variations like larger patties and buns.

While McDonald’s clearly takes pride in its original menu items, the chain has been working around the clock the re-vamp its brand in various ways. Recently, it was announced the chain will reselling candles that smell like the delicious ingredients of its quarter pounder burger.

Apparently, the candles are being used to promote love for the quarter pounder, and reward fans  of the city that showed out the most for it!

“To pay tribute, we’ll be unveiling a larger-than-life monument of this iconic burger. Just how big? Imagine a bronze statue so memorable that the sesame seeds on the bun are more than 20 times the size you experience on the delicious Quarter Pounder”

Similar to the limited edition line of candles, McDonalds’ new Big Macs will only be available for a limited time, nationwide. Are y’all thinking about trying them, Roomies?


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