TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh
#TSRClawz: Shine bright this summer #Roommates! If you already know you’re the light of the room, show it with neon and highlighter nails.
The sun is out and it looks like the only thing brighter is neon clawz. This trend is poppin’.
Go bold with the traditional neon yellow or venture into other highlighter colors including hot pinks and oranges.
And most importantly, rock ya nails with attitude and don’t let anyone steal ya shine.
Swipe through these pics and let us know which clawz are nailin’ the neon look. #TSRIssaLook @sealedwithakrisnails, @krishna_j, @fiina_naillounge, @nailgawdstudios, @nailedbybwoc, @nailsbythai, @nailsbycookiee, @jadedangbeauty, @yvynails, @bitchienails