TSR STAFF: Megan E! @meganryan_e
Check this out #Roomies, a homeless community sometimes just wants something as small as a meal and a shower. A couple, #CraigShoji and #DanicaShoji, created an organization called ‘Revive + Refresh’ in Honolulu, Hawaii. This organization was inspired by the couple’s belief that “everyone has a story and they wanted the in-need to feel like ‘normal people.’”
According to @goodmorningamerica, the couple hosts numerous events in #Honolulu and provide “showers and hot meals” for the homeless community. “Just seeing their faces when they come out, it’s like a different person,” Craig said.
Back in June 2015, the couple was inspired to create ‘Revive + Refresh’ after visiting an underprivileged community in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. Craig recalled walking down a street as he passed by a homeless individual: “I just told him, ‘Good Morning,’ and he was kind of surprised that I said that to him because no one ever says anything to him,” he said. That is when Craig and his wife both agreed that it is very important to make people feel like “normal people.”
Their business first started off as a place called ‘Laundry Love’, and it was a small business that provided clothes to the homeless community. It eventually expanded into a business that provides hot meals and showers for the homeless community.
When the couple hosts events, they take their trailer with two showers along with them. More than 460 people have reportedly attended these events to use the couple’s facilities provided, and there have been more than 250 people who have used the showers.
Each person who takes a shower gets 15 minutes, toilet paper is provided in each stall, and there is also shower and hand gel. Those who attend also receive a hot meal. The couple said it means a lot to see the attendees faces and reactions when they come out of the facility.
Source: Good Morning America