#TSRPositiveImages: Aspiring Fashion Designer Created A Clothing Line Out Of Prison Materials While Incarcerated

#TSRPositiveImages: Aspiring Fashion Designer Created A Clothing Line Out Of Prison Materials While Incarcerated

One #Atlanta man is truly making the best of a bad situation and is hoping to inspire many with his talent and determination.

Fashion has been Shod’s life and something he’s been passionate about since growing up in ATL. “I would like to think I was the flyest guy in high school and on the streets,” he said. He added that he had his first store on Bankhead at the age of 19 in Club Crucial’s parking lot.

But after getting involved with the wrong crowd, Shod was locked up back in 2016 on robbery charges and is expected to be released from prison in October of this year. He’s taken the opportunity to not only learn from his mistakes but to focus on his dreams and change his life around by creating “The Trenches,” a clothing line he has created from prison uniforms and materials.

“I want people to know my story because location doesn’t determine destination. I want to inspire others to make something out of nothing and reach their full potential without making excuses,” Shod said. Probably the most impressive element about Shod’s story is that he sews the clothes using only dental floss and a paper clip while some of the materials he uses include wool blankets, pleather pillows and nylon mattresses.

Shod knew just because he was locked up doesn’t mean the dream stopped. He was inspired by his own clothing line to do more than just stamp logos on clothes.

“I wanted to actually design and make clothes to sell,” Shod said. “…I want to inspire others to elevate their hustle.”

His customer base prior to going to prison was mainly on westside of Atlanta in Bankhead but now that’s he has put his clothing on social media, he’s gained thousands of followers that he markets his attire to.

Shod’s goal is to build The Trenches brand to its maximum potential.

“I want to make a name for myself as a fashion designer in the fashion community. I also want to start a nonprofit organization for low-income communities in Atlanta and eventually expand nationwide,” Shod said.

In addition to setting himself up for success after being released from prison, Shod wants to use his influence to give back and inspire others, especially youth who were once like him.

“I want to be a mentor and public speaker to at-risk kids that’s following down the wrong path,” he said.

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