Roommates, we just found out about a couple in Atlanta who is buying back the block! Ernestine Johnson and her fiancé Jay Morrison launched the first 100% black owned SEC Regulation A, Tier 2 real estate crowdfund ever!! 

The #TulsaRealEstateFund was named in honor of the historic Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma. Just 24 hours after their IPO (Initial public offering) on Friday, Ernestine and Jay were able to raise over $5 million. It’s now been about 40 hours and they’ve raised over $6.5 million total! 

The couple tells us that this fund was “designed for non-accredited investors to begin a journey of wealth building.“ With an investment of $500, investors will receive 10 shares of ownership unlike the industry standard. Each investor receives an 8% preferred return and 50% of their prorated share of the profits making everyone an equity partner. 

This allows everyday working class people and non-accredited investors the chance to invest in real estate assets!

Ernestine and Jay’s ultimate goal is to stop generational curses and build generational wealth! 

Congratulations, y’all!

Family…. $50,000,000 is just .0038% of our $1.3 Trillion of “African American” purchasing power. The reason we are the poorest “nationality” or community in America is because we DO NOT have our own Financial Institutions and Economic Infrastructure!!!!! And we have not figured out how to trust each other, #support each other and unify our dollars… Until NOW‼️ We will raise our fund maximum of $50 MM’s in 3 phases: $10 MM, $15 MM and then the final $25 MM after we haven proven we can unify and work together!!! Then we will duplicate this model in other industries and throughout our community and finally OWN OUR OWN and CONTROL OUR OWN DOLLARS!!!! This is #TREF #ThePeoplesFund THE NEW #BlackWallStreet #GroupEconomics ✊🏿🏦✊🏿 BECOME A PARTNER & SHAREHOLDER FOR AS LITTLE AS $500 (10 shares). [LINK IN BIO]

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