TSR Positive Images: It’s 2019 and Black people are still experiencing discrimination in the workplace with rules that target their natural hair. It happened to 17-year-old Kerion Washington, whose story about being denied a position with the Six Flags in Texas because of his dreadlocks went viral a few months ago.

“They told me I could cut my hair and come back, that it’s just hair and it would grow back,” he said in an interview with Dallas News. “But they compared it to having a tattoo. I didn’t want to cut it.”

Little did he know, his integrity was about to bring him a blessing. A few months later, Kerion received an IG message from the head of development for IMG Los Angeles, the same company that reps top models such as Bella Hadid and Ashley Graham, according to Madame Noire.

Corrie Caster, head of development for IMG Los Angeles, said she didn’t even know his story when she reached out but it was actually his physical features, including the locs, that got her attention. “I didn’t know his story then, but he had a lot of the physical features we look for in our models,” Caster said.

Kerion and his mother agreed to start working with local modeling agency Jones Model Management. He’s currently learning the biz, including what it takes to become a model and how to walk on the runway.

Kerion is also perfecting them angles and learning the art of posing. Once he develops his portfolio, it will be pitched to IMG Models for consideration!

Looks like Kerion isn’t worried about any job at Six Flags now as his future seems bright and ripe with opportunity. We’re happy for this young man be acknowledged for his black features instead of facing discrimination.

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh