#Roommates, let me tell y’all about these game-changing dolls that look like me and you! I don’t know about you, but black and brown dolls weren’t as easily accessible when I was growing up as they are today which is why we appreciate people like Dr. Lisa Williams who have a mission to keep positive and black representation in the hands of our youth.

Dr. Lisa created “Positively Perfect,” “Fresh Dolls” and “The Fresh Squad” to “help redefine the image and standards of beauty,” she tells us. “I started the doll line ‘Positively Perfect’ almost a decade ago when I saw a study on TV that featured a pretty little girl with beautiful deep dark skin. I remember her saying her skin was nasty and it broke my heart.”

Each of the three lines of dolls come in all skin tones and ethnicities. Her latest line, The Fresh Squad, expanded to men dolls. “I am a mother of two young, black men. I wanted to give young boys and girls positive representations of their brothers, uncles, and/or father figures and help show society the image of African-American men as positive and powerful.”

Y’all, these dolls are FLY! I’m talking poppin’ twist outs and fresh box braids — and their outfits are on point! Dr. Lisa tells us that she started working on her line of 12” fashion dolls because she “wanted older children to see their beauty and brilliance reflected back to them in play. I want these dolls to be a part of a parent’s toolkit in raising self-confident, self-aware, proud, motivated and smart children.” She continues, “These dolls have a variety of custom-blended skin tones ranging from deep mocha, caramel, latte, and even blended. They have features that, in the past, haven’t always been seen as beautiful, by mainstream media, such as beautiful full lips, cute noses, and eyes of all colors.”

She says she has a mission to do her part in making natural hairstyles like braids, afros, afro-puffs, wave and curly styles more popular and appreciated.

Fresh Dolls are available on shelves at Walmart and online at TheFreshDolls.com, Amazon, and Walmart.com! Preorders can be made at TheFreshDolls.com!

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