#TSRPositiveImages: Teachers like #MajorJones are rare these days. While it’s not uncommon for educators working in underserved communities to dip into their own pockets to help out with school supplies or food, Jones truly goes the extra mile to be invested in his students’ lives.

The 27-year-old first-year teacher and small business owner knows that the 7th graders he teaches in #Macon, Georgia, need someone they can relate to and trust. So, he takes the time to learn about the things they’re interested in, like #NBAYoungBoy. “I teach in an area where the students don’t have everything,” Jones said.

At his school, getting students to take off their hoodies is a struggle but he noticed one boy in particular refused to take his hood off.

“I simply pulled him to the side and asked what’s up. He said, ‘they’re gonna laugh at me.’ I let him know that I was here for him,” Jones said. “I let him know that I cut hair and that I can bring my clippers to school. I made a deal with him though, if I cut your hair, no hoods in my class.”

Jones said he was proud to be able to give his student the haircut, because it boost his self esteem and made the student feel better. It also showed the boy that someone cares about him beyond his education and really helped build a student-teacher relationship.

A picture was taken during the haircut and has since gone viral on Facebook but Jones doesn’t do it for the notoriety.

“I felt accomplished,” Jones said. “I felt that I had reached one of my students…As a teacher, you want your student to feel like they are someone important.”

And after the haircut, more students asked if he could line them up. Now Jones keeps his clippers and some conditioning spray in his desk.

Jones always wanted to be an educator, taking after his mother who spent 30 years in education.

But most importantly, he wanted to be support for the kids of Macon.

“These kids need support,” Jones said. “A lot of them are surrounded by negativity. I want to be at least one positive person in their lives.”

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh