#TSRPositiveImages: HBCU Student Who Created Viral Black Rolf Meme To Work On Upcoming Netflix Series

#TSRPositiveImages: HBCU Student Who Created Viral Black Rolf Meme To Work On Upcoming Netflix Series

#TSRPositiveImages: Yesss, secure the bag, Black man! Some people make millions and other make memes, but who says you can’t aspire to do both?

Florida A&M University junior Elijah Rutland’s creativity with his viral meme of a Black Rolf from “Ed, Edd n Eddy” has secured him a spot working on one of #Netflix’s highly anticipated children’s shows!

Elijah is a graphic design student at #FAMU and a sneaker artist. He will be working on the upcoming show “Green Eggs and Ham,” which will stream on Netflix, according to @abc_action_news. Green Eggs and Ham is an animated series based on the popular Dr. Seuss story and children’s book.

Elijah took to his IG page to announce the good news earlier this month and said, “The fact that this opportunity came through is nothing but the work of God. I’ve spent countless hours searching for internships, filling out applications, editing my resume, doing phone interviews and up until this point all I heard was no.”

Elijah continued with a testament to never giving up: “It even got to the point where I almost didn’t apply for this animation internship that I received because I felt unqualified but the same day I was on Facebook and saw a post that said ‘God doesn’t always call the qualified, he qualifies the called’ and that post changed my whole persepective.”

The show is expected to air this fall and has heavy hitter Ellen DeGeneres serving as an executive producer on the show.

The cast of Green Eggs and Ham includes well-known actors such as Adam Devine, Keegan-Michael Key, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, and Diane Keaton.

We’re ready for Elijah to sprinkle his Black excellence on this series and congratulate him for his hard work.

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