As a single mother, I know first hand that nothing else has pushed me to become a better person than my son! It’s something about a mother’s love for her children that drives her to do the impossible! Such is the case for 33-year-old #Houston native #IeshiaChamps (@so_virtuous)! She just graduated from law school and posted an amazing photo including her five children holding signs that say things like, “I helped too!” and “We did it!” All of the success Iesha is experiencing has come after a series of unfortunate circumstances.

Iesha and her sister bounced around from foster home-to-foster home after being removed from their drug-addicted mother’s home. Her sister got pregnant at 14, so she dropped out of high school to help raise the baby. Soon after, Iesha met the father of four of her children and they had their first child when she was 19. In 2009, Iesha went to church one day after her sister begged her to and she met a prophetess told her to go back to school and get her GED so that she could fulfill her dream of being an attorney. She did, but nothing could prepare Iesha for the long road ahead.

“During that same year — it was 2009 — I ended up having a house fire, I lost everything that I had. I got laid off from my job, the father of my children died of cancer while I was seven months pregnant, I literally tried to kill myself, and I ended up going back to get my GED,” Iesha tells @Yahoo. Iesha was 25 at the time and thought she was crazy for pressing onward, but she did! Iesha got accepted into law school, had her fifth baby and got married, only to be divorced a year later, but she stayed in school and here we are today!

Iesha tells us that God made a way for her when she thought all was lost. She says that she finished in the top 15% of her class and that it was “nobody but God!” She also received $13,000 in scholarships and tells us that God sent her a study group that would come to her home and study while helping out with her children which made things convenient for her.

“I’m literally in tears, because people think that God isn’t real, but he is!” Iesha tells The Shade Room. “If you just trust him wholeheartedly I promise you that he’ll bring you through this!”

Iesha explains that she wants to help others get through similar things that she’s been through.

“I feel like with what I’ve been through as a child and in my upbringing, I can probably help some of these juveniles who may feel like there’s no hope for them,” Champs explains. “I want to be the one to fight for those children who are in these horrible living arrangements. To try to help them reconcile with the family, or if not, give them the same opportunity that I had.”

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