Micheal Brown has a lot to celebrate after getting accepted to all of the 20 colleges he applied to. Not only was he accepted to each school, but he has also been accepted with a full ride to every school in the form of both scholarships and financial aid.

According to The Washington Post, back in December, the college acceptances started rolling in after he received an acceptance letter from Stanford University.

With Stanford being one of his top choices, he applied to the school early.

However, the acceptance letters didn’t stop there. He would later receive acceptance letters to schools such as Yale, Princeton, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, The University of Texas at Austin, and Georgetown.

Last week Brown was overjoyed to receive an acceptance letter from Harvard.

Brown said, “I was nervous for each one because no one ever wants to be rejected, but especially for Stanford. And I did not expect and or think I’d get into all schools until I got into Stanford.”

Brown’s mother, Berthinia Rutledge-Brown, has credited programs such as “Breakthrough Houston” and “Emerge,” for helping her son get on the right path when it came to college preparation.

Rutledge-Brown revealed that she cried at the orientation for “Emerge.” She said “I cried because I realized that there was a chance that my child would get the education he deserves — the one I could not afford to pay for.”


Congrats to Micheal Brown on all of his success. There is so much for him in store.