#TSRPositiveImages: A man is on a cross-country mission to mow lawns for those who need it, and he’s getting the kids involved too!

Rodney Smith, who resides in Huntsville, Alabama, is working to visit all 50 states to tend to the lawns of the elderly, disable, single moms and veterans for free through his organization Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

His journey started while he was a student at Alabama A&M University in 2016 and came across a senior man who needed help mowing his lawn. Rodney told the Huffington Post that moment changed his life.

“I remember a few years before that, I had a one-on-one conversation with God. I asked him to use me as his vessel, and it didn’t happen at that moment. I believe it happened when I came across the elderly man outside mowing his lawn,” he told the news outlet.

But if you actually think Rodney is going state to state mowing each lawn by himself, you’d be fooled. He set up his organization so that the children they mentor provide the free yard maintenance work as a way to teach the youth about serving their communities.

The 50-yard challenge sets a goal for children to mow 50 lawns for free in their community and they’re rewarded in return. Rodney says since the challenge started, 12 kids have already completed it.

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