Roommates, Y’all may know Zaytoven to bring a hot beat – as he is responsible for MANY major hits from some of your favorite artists like Gucci Mane, Migos, and Yo Gotti. Not only did he recently debut his first album, #TrapHolizay, and release a joint album with LeCrae, “Let the Trap Say Amen,” he kick-started a foundation that is geared toward providing education and instruments to the youth!



#ZayAreaFoundation is a non-profit organization that provides music and production education and training, music programs within local churches, schools and community centers, and poverty and hunger relief. Zay tells us that with music programs being removed from schools, he wants to replenish that void by providing a positive and therapeutic outlet. His first program started out in #Atlanta public schools – but that’s just the beginning – he plans to branch ZayArea all throughout the world!



As far as his new projects go, Zay has been putting in major work, dropping off new content left and right. “I feel like a brand-new producer all over again,” he tells us. “I feel like the rebirth, like 16-year-old Zaytoven.” The debut of his freshman album is an exciting moment in his career – for the first time, Zay has been signed as an artist – he’s literally on the beat! He has hopes that fans take away the feeling of authenticity when they hear Trap Holizay.


“Everything was done authentically,” he said. “I also want everyone to feel inspired, and understand that you can have more than one talent.”


Y’all know we couldn’t let Zay away without weighing in on the controversial discussion that had Instagram comments in shambles in past months: Who created trap music? Many, including T.I. have referenced Tip’s 2003 “Trap Muzik” album as the beginning of the Trap Era, while many others have agreed, but also argued that Gucci Mane was their introduction to Trap.


Here’s what Zay had to say:


“We created trap music that’s known today. T.I. came out with “Trap Muzik,” and Jeezy added his flavor. But if you listen to it today, the sound is me and Gucci — that’s where the argument lies…”


There you have it, Roomies! Does that settle your debates?


We would like to congratulate Zaytoven on his new album, his joint album, and the various other projects he has his hands in. We’d most importantly like to thank him for his service to the youth via Zay Area!

To learn more about Zay Area, check out the official website!

If you haven’t checked out “Trap Holizay,” and/or “Let the Trap Say Amen,” check it out!



TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny!

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