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Okay #Roomies #DallasCowboys’ Quarterback #DakPrescott may have to have his dog put down after his dog allegedly attacked his neighbor in Frisco, Texas.
According to @tmz_tv although the incident happened last Monday February 25th, the seriousness of the incident got Dak’s dog in a lot of trouble.
The dog escaped Dak’s home last week, when his neighbor called the cops on his dog for fighting her dog in her yard. She went outside to go check on her dog and that’s when she noticed their were two dogs that were loose, not including her dog.
While she tried to break up the fight between her dog and one of the loose dogs, the other loose dog bit her. She then was rushed to the hospital. Although she was badly injured, her injuries were not life threatening.
According to @tmz_tv the dog was only going to be held in quarantine for 10 days and be released today, but now he could be facing the death penalty. According to @dallasnews until the hearing takes place, the dog will remain at the Collin County animal shelter.
The case has since been referred to the City of Frisco Municipal Court for a hearing. This will determine if the dog will be considered a “dangerous dog.”
If the court rules the dog is a “dangerous dog” it will have to be registered with animal control and be on a leash when outside. Dak will also have to pay almost $100,000 in damages from the alleged attack.
As of now, it is unclear when it will take.
Source: TMZ and Dallas News