#Roommates, the battle to win the Eastern conference title is heating up between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors. Last night the Raptors came out with the win and tie the series up 2-2 with the help of the face of Toronto, #Drake himself.

Last night Drake was sitting court side as he often does when it is playoff season and reacting to the game like the thousands of fans who were in attendance. The only issue is today the Milwaukee head coach addressed his behavior and basically said there’s no room for it during basketball games.

In a press conference, Mike Budenholzer said this about Drake and how he acted on the sideline: “There’s certainly no place for fans—or whatever exactly is what Drake is for the Raptors—on the court. There’s boundaries and lines for a reason. The league is pretty good about that.” Clearly Mike doesn’t know that Champagne Papi is THAT GUY in Toronto. But even so, he also added: “I don’t know of any person attending the game that isn’t a player or coach that has access to the court.”

Drake was seen on the sideline cheering for his team, high-fiving players and at one point even gave Toronto’s head coach a quick shoulder rub. Granted, if it was a regular fan doing those things they would have been asked to stop or wouldn’t have had that much access to begin with. Sounds like that’s Milwaukee’s coaches point…

Now that game 5 is on the way, we’ll be watching to see if Drake will be toning down his antics. Recently we reported Drizzy was gifted a jacket from the organization that is valued around $800k! Roommates, is the Bucks’ coach being a hater or does he really have a point? Let us know!

Source: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2837588-mike-budenholzer-rips-drake-for-sideline-antics-during-bucks-vs-raptors-series