#TSRTakeAMoment: #Roommates, please keep the family of young #CalebAcuna in your prayers. It’s always tragic when a family loses a child so young and Caleb’s story is no exception.

Caleb passed away from injuries he suffered when the bounce pad he was jumping on at a local pumpkin patch blew away due to a strong gust of wind. What makes this story so scary is that we all have either played on a bounce pad or in a bounce house, or have let our children do so.

The Lancaster Sheriff’s Office reported that Caleb and his 5-year-old sister Aura, were recently playing on the bounce pad at #JKsPumpkinPatch, north of #Lincoln, Nebraska, when a strong gust of wind lifted the bounce pad from the area it was pegged down and overturned it. The boy’s sister was thrown off the pad but Caleb remained on there as it tumbled, causing him to sustain a head injury.

The children were rushed to a hospital, Bryan Health West Campus, where Aura suffered a broken arm and Caleb passed away the next day from a critical head injury.

The Lancaster County Attorney ordered an autopsy in the case and the investigation into the fatal accident is ongoing. Sheriff’s officials said their thoughts and prayers go out to the family, staff members and first responders that were involved in “this tragic accident.”

A GoFundMe page was set up for Caleb’s family. The page says that all funds collected through the website will be given directly to the Acuna family to help them “cover various costs through this difficult time.”

We can’t imagine what the family is going through and our thoughts and prayers remain with them at this time!

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh

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