Twitter Announces New Feature 'Super Follow' Which Allows Users To Charge For Exclusive Content

Twitter Announces New Feature ‘Super Follow’ Which Allows Users To Charge For Exclusive Content

 It seems like every day, the applications we use for social media change, most of the time for the better. Today Twitter announced that they were planning on working on new features that would allow users to monetize from the platform. While it’s not the highly suggested edit button that users have been asking for years, Twitter seems like the perfect platform for users to make money, especially when you think about viral tweets, funny videos, and Black Twitter.

According to USA Today, The new feature “Super Follow” was described by Dantley Davis, Twitter’s Chief Design Officer, as “an audience-funded model where subscribers can directly fund the content they value most is a durable incentive model that aligns the interests of creators and consumers.”  Twitter users will be able to subscribe to their favorite creators for a monthly price of around $4.99 per month and earn certain subscriber-only perks.

Many users feel like the feature would be comparable to OnlyFans, which is heavily promoted throughout Twitter’s timeline. Super Follow is including exclusive content, subscriber-only newsletters, community access, deals & discounts, and a supporter badge for subscribers. That’s not it. Creators in the program will also be able to paywall certain media they share, including tweets, fleets, and more.

Twitter has their foot on other popular application’s necks. Their “Spaces” feature will remind you of the app “Clubhouse,” according to TechCrunch. Another feature, “Communities,” appears to be designed to compete with Facebook Groups. I’m all for the improvements and content creators to get some extra money! As of now, the Spaces feature is available for some users, but Super Follow is TBD.

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