Roommates, what’s good?! What are y’all playlists lookin’ like these days?! Can we discuss the climate of it real quick?! I feel like we would be doing y’all a disservice by not discussing this dope group out of #NOLA with y’all. When you come across raw talent, you HAVE to show it the love it deserves. Some of you may have been introduced to Tank And The Bangas when they won the Tiny Desk Contest back in 2017.

They swept the competition with their song, “Quick” and have been stealing stages, mics, and the hearts of music lovers all over.

The group is led by a queen, okay?! Tarriona “Tank” Ball brings so much color to music with her talent.  She can take you to the open mic stage, to church, and to the trap all in one song –effortlessly. And the baNd?! The band has never failed to let the show stop! The fellas hold Tank down on the keys, the strings, the drums, the clarinet AND the flute! Finally, her partner in crime, Miss Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph is a helluva a grenade to have on your squad. This unique group of individuals makes up one of the dopest powerhouses in music. Period.


Being from New Orleans has given the group a dope advantage as you can hear the culture’s influence in their music.

Tank and the Bangas has been taking fans on a ride since their early works of art like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Think Tank” but guess what?! They just released their first album “Green Balloon” under a major record label and they came out KICKIN’! Their journey has been immaculate.


This is not a group you want to be sleeping on. They kicked off their “Green Balloon Tour” May 4th in their hometown and will be hitting stages until June 22 when they wrap things up in Dover, De. See if they’re coming to a town near you so you can get your entire life!



TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny!