#Roommates, we’ve been keeping you up on the recent string of home burglaries happening in Los Angeles and it looks like police may have caught their suspect.


According to @TMZ_TV, law enforcement officers are alleging there may be one man that’s connected to at least 3 different home invasions. Apparently, a man by the name of #TyressWilliams has been linked to the home invasions of #Rihanna, #ChristinaMilian, MLB star #YasielPuig and #LARams wide receiver #RobertWoods. But catch this tea, he’s only 19-years-old!


Law enforcement sources confirmed they pulled Tyress over last Friday in connection to the Robert Woods burglary where he reportedly had stolen items in his car. Cops were able to link Tyress to the other home invasion because he had items from the homes of Woods, Christina Milian, Yasiel Puig and Rihanna in his car with him! There’s no confirmation that he


Now Tyress really slipped up when he reportedly burglarized the homes of Yasiel Puig, because he was spotted on video kicking down his door.  If you remember, we reported that the home Christina Milian shares with her bae #MattPokora was burglarized twice in 4 days, however police aren’t sure if Tyress was involved both times.


Rihanna’s home was also burglarized twice this year but again, law enforcement hasn’t been able to confirm if Tyress was involved both times. As of now, his connection is with all of the celebrities mentioned and his role is still to be determined. At 19-years-old he could be facing some serious jail time in convicted on all charges! Aside from Tyress, more and more celebrities have become vulnerable to home break-ins!


The D.A. will be filing charges against Tyress at some point today! We’ll keep you up on what happens next roomies!


Source: http://www.tmz.com/2018/10/02/robert-woods-rams-burglary-suspect-connected-rihanna-yasiel-puig-christina-milian-break-ins/

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