#TSRUpdatez: People have been calling out #DonaldTrump for his role in the persecution of the #CentralParkFive (now known as “The Exonerated Five”) following the release of “When They See Us” on #Netflix.

Just as a quick reminder, Trump took out ads in New York newspapers during that time, calling for the boys to receive the death penalty for a crime they did not commit. The energy has circled back to Trump and people are demanding he apologize to the victims of the system given the fact that the men have since been exonerated.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Trump was asked by April Ryan about an apology since the release of the successful miniseries, to which he replied, “They admitted their guilt,” adding that prosecutors felt that the city should have never settled that case.

You can watch Trump’s comments below.

Now, Ava is responding to Trump’s comments, saying she’s not at all surprised by Trump’s response. “There’s nothing he says or does in relation to this case, or the lives of black people, or people of color, that has any weight to it,” she said at a screening of the series, according to the @latimes. “It’s not our reality, there’s no truth to it.”

After Trump made his comments on Tuesday, Ava also tweeted a clip from the series that shows Trump making a TV appearance, referencing the full-page ad he took out. Ava clearly let the real-life clip speak for itself.

Ava additionally said, “I wish I had a more juicy sound bite, but I don’t care.”

We’ll keep you updated on the latest, Roommates!