#TSRUpdatez: The power of community! A group of #NipseyHussle fans came together today to restore the Nipsey mural that was vandalized in their community of #Hartford, Connecticut.

A teen girl went viral over the weekend for defacing Nipsey’s mural and people were highly upset about the disrespect. But in less than 24 hours, fans of Nipsey turned that negativity into positivity by coming together to restore the mural honoring the late great Neighborhood Nip.

At least 25 people came out to help fix the mural in the rain. Two women in particular, Deja Robertson and her mother, and a man named Joey, painted over the graffiti and touched up the paint.

“Nipsey didn’t just mean a lot to my community but to all urban communities around America,” said Lee Benton, one of the community members who came out. “He preached black excellence, change and he empowered every person around every hood to find their purpose. A person like that should be celebrated forever in my opinion.”

The teen who was seen on video defacing the mural, who goes by Kay Kay, reportedly did so because she was mad at her boyfriend but fans called her out and said she did so for clout.

Regardless, Benton and others who joined together to support the mural cleanup said it’s about spreading love.

Robertson added that most people were strangers when the day started and all coincidentally showed up to do the same thing, connected by their love for the community and Nipsey.

“My mother, Joey and I didn’t do this for clout chasing. It came from the heart,” Robertson said. ” Life is too short. I’ve lost all my family and I will continue to stay positive and tho share my positivity with other people. All I want is for Hartford to come together as one and stop the violence.”

We applaud the members of the Harford community for coming together to do some good! 

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh